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BLACK     It’s an honest colour. The duality of black is like human nature. It can be introverted or extroverted. It can be shy and humble, or edgy with a lot of attitude. It can be restful and calming, or powerful and authoritative. It can be inclusive – everyone wears black, or exclusive. It’s easy, but mysterious. It’s subdued and a touch muted, but oh so sexy. Black is the colour of intelligence - it’s a smart colour. It’s simple, polished and refined. It’s a colour of maturity. Black is ageless and not defined by trends or gender. It’s a feel-good colour. It’s like your best friend – it will never fail you.


The versatility of it – I love to celebrate it.


Black eliminates distractions. When it's worn, it allows you to see nothing else but the person in it. 

I look at fabric and I see art. It’s an art medium to create something beautiful. It is also art in itself. When I discover a beautiful fabric, just like with a painting, I glance at it, then pause and explore it. I catch myself meditating on its texture, the light reflection, the pattern, the flow and the movement.


The secret to wearing black is dimension. When you wear all black, the only way to achieve depth and visual saturation is by superimposing various textures. 


I love textures - they bring organic life to my designs.

Delicate movement of feathers, sheer mystery of lace, soft allure of velvet, fluidity of silk, boldness and strength of leather – it all comes together in a collage that’s saturated and visually stimulating.


Texture is a visual thing, but it creates a physical illusion. It produces living and breathing designs.



My focus is to create intuitive pieces that are easy and classic.


I instinctively combine various textures that are alive with dimension. In order to achieve harmony, I then strive to balance them by creating clothes that are conceptually simple in design.


I am inspired to create something sensual, feminine and comfortable. But also something versatile. Something that would never go out of style because of its simplistic silhouette. 


Elegance is simplicity. It is emotionally engaging, profoundly intelligent, and artfully crafted to be two things at once: timeless and powerful. 


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